Japan Eats: Part 1

Finally, a post dedicated just to food! Since I have been able to consume many different dishes here in Japan, this (and following) food posts will talk about some of the best restaurants I have eaten at, the most beautiful presentations I have seen, and the interesting experiences I have had regarding food. This post... Continue Reading →

A Kimono in Kawagoe

One of the cultural experiences I got to partake in was being dressed in a traditional kimono + accessories and walking around a street festival. I had never been to a kimono rental shop before so I was looking forward to seeing how the dressing process worked. As soon as I entered the shop, ladies... Continue Reading →

Kanagawa BBQ

Over the weekend I was able to reunite with some friends from last year’s Japan adventures. We had planned on having an afternoon BBQ, but I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. My friend Jason and I arrived at Futakoshinchi Station in Kawasaki, Kanagawa, where we picked up marshmallows, drinks, ice, and some other snacks... Continue Reading →

Hakone: A Weekend Retreat from Tokyo

After training and orientation concluded, it was time for a weekend retreat in Hakone, a town known for its mountainous nature, lake, and onsen (hot springs).  I picked up a tuna sashimi bento from the expansive food court underneath Shinjuku station and boarded the Romance Car (the express train to Hakone) with over 80 other... Continue Reading →

Gardens and Deer in Nara, Japan

Today I finally travelled to Nara, the first permanent capital of Japan. Being my last day in the Kansai region, I figured this was the perfect place to check off my travel list. The deer go crazy for cookies that visitors can purchase for feeding After arriving at Nara Station, my first destination was to... Continue Reading →

The Art Islands of Japan: Teshima

Biking around Teshima Island Even after a jam packed day in Naoshima the day before, I woke up early once more to catch the ferry for another day of adventure. This time I was bound for Teshima, an island just east of Naoshima. The ferry ride was a little longer than to Naoshima, but soon... Continue Reading →

The Art Islands of Japan: Naoshima

Have you heard of the Art Islands of Japan? Just a Shinkansen ride away from Osaka lay a couple islands in the Seto Island Sea. Two of these islands, Naoshima and Teshima, are known for their many art museums and installations, both of which I had the opportunity to explore and adventure. Getting to Naoshima... Continue Reading →

How You Know You’re in Japan

You are in Japan When: Kind strangers help you on the street Passengers sit on the left Cars drive on the left The sushi is amazing and moves towards you on a conveyor belt Travels to Japan! The time to begin my Japan adventures finally came! At 11pm I rolled my packed bags out the... Continue Reading →