Restaurant Recommendations

My favorite food finds- the best places to visit for a great culinary experience!

Bungo Beef

Bungo Beef: Oita’s Signature Wagyu

What is Bungo Beef? Today I’m going to introduce one of Japan’s premium wagyu dishes, Bungo Beef! I’m sure you’ve heard of Kobe Beef and wagyu before…. so how does Bungo Beef fit into the mix? Simply put, wagyu (和牛) means Japanese cow. (和 is pronounced ‘wa‘ and means Japanese, while 牛 is pronounced ‘gyuu‘ …

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Umeshu 梅酒 (Plum Wine) Cafe

I love going to different cafes to hang out, study, and write the occasional blog post. This has been a wonderful way to explore more of Fukuoka, try local foods, and discover cool new places! One of the cafes I visited boasted a HUGE umeshu (plum wine) menu. For those who also enjoy this sweet …

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