Favorite Products

Some of my favorite products for travel and everyday life!

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Apartment Lifestyle

A small little hot pot for making shabu shabu, soba, boiling eggs, steaming dumplings, and so much more! Prefect for a small apartment and so cute! Read more about my Shabuki Pot here! Code: MATW at checkout for a discount!

Camera Gear

My phone can’t take all the shots my camera can + I like the “real camera” feel. So although it’s bulky and heavy, this DSLR continues to have a place in my heart (and backpack). Though this camera is now a bit outdated, it was the perfect beginner DSLR for me!

Also bulky, but there’s just something about these instant photos that I can’t stop buying more film and making room for it in my bags. Extra Instax Film is always a must have!

My adventure camera! Great for water adventures (snorkeling, kayaking, etc) where a phone or camera can’t be safely brought.

For smooth videos, hyperlapses, vlogging, etc…

If you’re looking to take some artsy photos, this could be for you. Though it’s a bit heavy, I always love how the photos turn out.

For handsfree captures and removing shake when using a camera. Really helpful for slow shutter photos.

Everyday Accessories

Great for books on the go- trains, plans, cars…

I use mine all the time to listen to audiobooks and JapanesePod 101

A little notebook for keeping track of all the place I’ve visited!