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Tacomia in Fukuoka – Satiate Your Craving For Mexican Food in Japan

Excuse me, you’re in Japan! Why is this a post about Mexican food?!

As much as I love Japanese food and can go weeks enjoying the local cuisine without breaking stride, I still get heavy cravings for “non-Japanese food” from time to time. Most often when one of these cravings hits, it’s for Mexican food.

Tacomia fresh Mexican food platter
It’s party time at Tacomia!

Growing up in California, I came to really enjoy fresh street tacos, cheesy quesadillas loaded with ingredients, and hot salsas paired with salty chips. After a few months of living in Japan, the craving hit. I had to find the best Mexican restaurant in Fukuoka to satisfy my hunger.

Google Maps led me to a few different Mexican restaurant shops in the area, but word on the street from fellow locals introduced me to Tacomia.

Tacomia Mexican Restaurant by Ohori Park

Tacomia operates in different locations depending on the time of year. The location near Ohori is open year-round and is situated conveniently next to the Ohori Park subway station and (not surprisingly) Ohori park. One of my first times visiting, I got take-out with a friend, picked up drinks from a conveni nearby, and enjoyed a lovely picnic in the park. A great afternoon activity that I recommend to others!

Tacomia Burrito
Tacomia Burrito

The Ohori shop is quite small, but this only adds to the shop’s warm atmosphere. Walk in and you’ll be greeted by the lively staff, bumping music, and the smell of hot food on the grill.

Menu Items

On the menu, you’ll find the usual staples: tacos, burritos, quesadillas, etc. One of my go-to’s is the three-piece taco set that comes with a side of chips. When I’m not in the mood for tacos, the quesadilla always satisfies my hunger.

Tacomia quesadilla with chips and guac
Quesadilla, chips, and guac

One of the great things about this restaurant is that they are always creating new dishes and experimenting with recipes. I recently stopped by and was surprised to find a new pork rib taco that had a tangy orange honey sauce. So unique! So tender! I want more!

Tacomia pork rib taco with orange glaze
Special pork-rib taco

New items are always in the works, and if you visit enough times, you may even discover they have a secret menu!

Momochi Beach Tacomia

Momochi Beach Fukuoka

If you’re visiting Fukuoka during the summer, I recommend you check out their spot in Momochi. Located right next to the beach and the iconic Fukuoka Tower, the Tacomia that you’ll find here is newly reconstructed and quite large. It’s perfect for large groups and parties but only operates during the summer months.

Fukuoka Tower
Fukuoka Tower

There are often Latin events like dance lessons and DJs that occur during the weekends so salsa and bachata lovers have something special to look forward to here.

The Momochi branch also sells alcohol so you can enjoy your tacos with a bottle of Corona or a freshly mixed margarita. Salud!

Tacomia Momichi Beach
Momochi Beach location

While Momochi Beach isn’t the best for swimming, (head down to Itoshima or across the way to Iki Island for that), the chill vibe of the area and the ability to relax or play on the sand with friends is a definite plus.

Momochi beach, Fukuoka

Tacomia is a Mexican Restaurant that attracts both locals and visitors from all over with its delicious food and warm atmosphere. If you visit, you are sure to meet new people and maybe have an opportunity to practice speaking Japanese, Spanish, and English!


Yes, if you’re in Japan, please eat and enjoy lots and lots of local Japanese food. In Fukuoka especially, there are several special regional dishes that you must try like Hakata ramen, motsunabe, and mizutaki. However, if you do get the craving for something outside of the Asian palate, head over to Ohori (or Momochi in the summer) for a refreshing change!

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