Celebrating the New Year in Japan

Celebrating the New Year, oshogatsu (お正月), is one of the most important holidays in Japan and takes place from December 31- January 3rd. During this period, special foods are eaten, sayings of gratitude are exchanged, and auspicious decorations are displayed. Additionally, it is one of the few times during the year you can expect almost... Continue Reading →

Bungo Beef: Oita’s Signature Wagyu

What is Bungo Beef? Today I'm going to introduce one of Japan's premium wagyu dishes, Bungo Beef! I'm sure you've heard of Kobe Beef and wagyu before.... so how does Bungo Beef fit into the mix? A slab of Kobe Beef Simply put, wagyu (和牛) means Japanese cow. (和 is pronounced 'wa' and means Japanese,... Continue Reading →

Vending Machines: Convenient or Overkill?

Special in Japan: Abundant Vending Machines Introducing a new type of blog post I'm calling: Special in Japan! Recently I've only been writing about big trips and events, but there are so many other things I experience and learn every day that I also want to share. So to post more consistently and not leave... Continue Reading →