Japanese stationery supplies

Unique and Fun Stationery to Buy in Japan

Japanese Stationery Supplies

In case you didn’t know, Japanese stationery rocks!

Compact, cute, and clever… these characteristics describe almost every item in the stationery aisle, and let me just say – it’s a real challenge refraining from buying it all. Maybe that should be an Olympic Sport ?.

Since I’ve started to gather a nice collection of supplies, this post is about some of the cool things you can find when shopping in Japan!

Japanese stationery supplies
Japanese stationery finds

Where to Shop

While there are many, many stores that carry stationery supplies, the ones I have been frequenting most are: Tokyo Hans, Loft, and Incube.

Between these three places, there is always a good selection of pens and pencils (of all price ranges), cute stickers, washi tapes, and other general items.

With so many of these stores all over Japan, there should be no problem finding a place to spend your $$!

Favorite Stationery Finds

Enjoy this video of some of the cool stationery products I have found! (Mini scissors, unique highlighters, and silly stickers). More to come as I continue shopping!

Do you like stationery too? If so what’s your favorite supply to buy?

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2 thoughts on “Unique and Fun Stationery to Buy in Japan”

  1. LOVE stationery! I’m adding your three suggestions to my to-visit list for when I finally get to Japan. I usually shop at Kinokuniya. There’s a branch in Seattle that has a great selection of pens, though not as many notebooks and stickers.

    1. It’s so fun, right?! So glad you were able to add some things to your list. Kinokuniya is great too! I recently got a letter set from them ^.^

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