What to Do in Itoshima, Fukuoka – Activity and Food Guide

Located in Fukuoka Prefecture, Itoshima is known for its beaches, mountains, cafes, and calmness. Its proximity to central Fukuoka city and abundance of outdoor activities make it a great place to head to for a day or weekend trip. If you are planning a visit, check out this guide for top things to do in Itoshima!

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Bike Along the Coast + Cafe Hopping

One of the best things to do in Itoshima is hop on a pair of wheels and zoom along the coast. There are a lot of different things to see depending on which route you take including the white torii gate of Sakurai Shrine, Keya Beach, and oyster huts in the winter.

Check out this guide for my top bike route recommendations, complete with tips on how to rent a bike and which cafes and shops to visit along the way!

Hit the Waves During a Surf Lesson

Itoshima has beautiful beaches and nice waves making it a hotspot for local surfers. Even beginners can have a chance at the fun with surf lessons provided at many shops along the water. I had my first Itoshima surfing experience at TF Surfboard Australia.

Even though the guide only spoke Japanese, I was able to learn so much. Surf’s up!

Relax at Keya Beach

From Chikuzen Maebaru Station, you can catch the bus to Keya Beach for 200 yen. It is a bit infrequent so make sure you check the timetable. (Payment is currently by cash or Pay Pay only).

The sand at Keya Beach isn’t super soft, but the benefit is that it is usually much less crowded than Futamigaura Beach. (Except during the yearly Sunset Live music festival on the beach).

Near Keya Beach, there are camping grounds, several restaurants, the boat to Keya no Oto, and Mt. Tateishi.

Take a Boat to Keya no Oto

If you want to see Keya no Oto, the largest basaltic cave in Japan, hop on a tour boat that departs from the Keya harbor. The ride can be quite rocky so take care if you are prone to seasickness.

The cave is made of dark black magma rock and has white crystals on parts of the surface. The boat takes you right up to the mouth of the cave before heading back to the fishing port. It lasts about 25 minutes and costs 800 yen for adults. The official page is here (Japanese only).

Climb Mt. Tateishi

From Keya Beach, you can climb up Mt. Tateishi in about 30 minutes. The path is short but inclines pretty quickly so make sure to pack water and wear comfortable hiking shoes.

Once you get to the top, you will be rewarded with stunning views of the land and water below. You’ll also be able to see Keya no Oto jutting out into the sea.

The trail up the mountain is sandy, so watch your footing as you climb.

Pick up Produce at Ito Sai Sai Farmer’s Market

Ito Sai Sai Farmer’s Market is a place where you can get a variety of fresh produce and specially produced Itoshima-made products.

Without a car, it’s easiest to reach from Hatae Station (15 minute walk) or by bicycle.

Cook Up Oysters at an Oyster Hut

One of Itoshima’s specialties are the seasonal oyster huts which operate in the winter from October to late March. At one of these oyster huts, enjoy eating freshly caught oysters and other seafood.

This is a great activity to do with friends and family. Read more about Itoshima Oyster Huts here!

Lounge at a Beachside Cafe

Itoshima has recently become a place known for its many beachside cafes. I mean, what is better than enjoying a great view with a cold drink in hand or a plate of freshly cooked food? There are lots of cafes to choose from (and many that I still need to visit), but here are a few favorite spots!

Koko Cafe Itoshima

One of my favorite hidden gems in Itoshima is Koko Cafe. Located far from everything else mentioned in this guide, it takes a bit of effort to get to this special place.

It’s worth the effort though as Koko’s Cafe is located in a prime spot for beach viewing and the dishes are nutritious and refreshing.

As a cool bonus, the woman in charge makes all of the clay diningware by hand using a kiln attached to the cafe!


Right by Koko Cafe is Anego Beach, another lesser-visited beach that has shallow water and supposedly “singing sand”. (I didn’t hear the singing though). Learn more about Koko Cafe and Anego Beach in the video below!

Beach Cafe SUNSET

Another great place to eat near the beach is Beach Cafe SUNSET. Choose a spot on the wooden deck that faces the ocean while you sit back and relax with tropical drinks and dishes like jerk chicken and loco moco.

As the name suggests, this a good spot to visit for watching the sunset. Nearby Futamigaura Beach is easy to access and right across the street, you can take a fun photo.

Sunflower Cafe

Perched right by the water, the Sunflower Cafe is another perfect spot to visit if you want to enjoy a meal over scenic water views. They serve fruity drinks, smoothies, pizza, and pasta. (The salad pizza is as weird as it sounds.) Nearby you can see Palm Tree Swing Park.

Bistro & Cafe TIME

The last beachside cafe on this list, Bistro & Cafe TIME is quite small but has a larger outside patio right by the beach. The food is mainly French style.

Play at the Palm Tree Swing Park

Palm Tree Swing Park is a small place by the water where swings have been created out of the nearby palm trees.

In addition to the swings, there are several other fixtures to play around on like a climbing wall and a spinning pull-up bar. As the ocean makes for a great backdrop, this is a popular photo spot.

View the White Torii Gate and Wedded Rocks

One of Itoshima’s most picturesque spots is at Futamigaura Beach. Here you’ll find a majestic, all-white torii gate framing a pair of wedded rocks connected by a sacred rope. One a clear day, the daytime view is beautiful, but I feel the most spectacular scene is during sunset.

Biking to Futamigaura Beach is one of my favorite activities to do! Learn more about the ride here.

BBQ on the Beach

If you are looking to cook your own meal instead of sitting in a cafe, then a beach BBQ may be just the thing! At Fukae Beach, you can rent a BBQ spot and cook up your choice of meats and veggies right by the water.

There are all-inclusive bbq plans meaning you don’t have to pack a thing! For more information, check here. (Japanese only)

Taste Freshly Baked Goods at Boulangerie Noan Bakery

Start the day with some fresh pastries and bread at Boulangerie Noan Bakery. This shop is small, but lots of delicious homemade goods are packed in so you should be able to find something that fits your taste!

Shop for Crafts at artistation Itoshima

artistation Itoshima is an art gallery that showcases items made by local artisans. Come here to see many handmade items including ceramic ware, washi paper, wood crafts, and glassware.

Pick up Handmade Souvenirs Itoshima Kurashi Kokonoki

Itoshima Kurashi Kokonoki is another small shop that sells locally made items as well as some baked goods.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this list has given you some inspiration for what to do in Itoshima on your next trip! With so many activities and food galore, you’re bound to have a good time. If you are interested in more Travel guides, check out the list below!

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