Maris Around the House: An Update

Not traveling, just at home and reflecting + hopeful for the future. The world is in a global pandemic, fires blaze near my hometown, and I can't remember the last time I've seen the exposed lower half of a non-family member's face in person. I feel cautious and guarded around other people, have used more... Continue Reading →

A Summer in Japan: Packing for 3 Months

Miliko Notebook featuring my July Calendar After a whirlwind time at home catching up with family + pets, friends, and sleep, it's now time for me to embark on my Japan adventures ! I will have my first 4-wheeled suitcases in tow; stuffed with "business casual" wear (ick) and lots of  omiyage (local presents for... Continue Reading →

Graduation→ ??

Hi friends and family, welcome to my travel blog! In 17 days I will be graduating from college and I am more than a little nervous about what is in store for me afterwards. I am preparing myself for a lot of uncertainty, new challenges, and of course, a little fun. While a "real job"... Continue Reading →