Furano melon smoothie at the Tomita Melon House

Tomita Melon House – So Good Even Non-Melon Lovers Will Enjoy

Visitors flock to Furano in Hokkaido during the summer months to catch a glimpse of the expansive lavender fields.

What’s the best way to finish off a day of walking through these fields of purple?

Cooling off with an icy melon smoothie and chomping down on a slice of freshly cut cantaloupe!

Slices of fresh melon at the Tomita melon house
Freshly sliced melon

Furano in Hokkaido is a great destination to escape Japan’s normally hot and sticky heat and enjoy one of Japan’s most luxurious fruits – melon!

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Fruit in Japan – Furano Melons

It’s no secret that fruit in Japan is expensive. Watermelon at the supermarket is often around $40, and a single peach can set you back more than a few bucks. (One of the downsides of Japan being an island country with little agricultural land…)

While fruit is expensive, if you do end up splurging, you can rest assured that the goods you purchase will be of the utmost quality.

At the Tomita Melon House, you can savor the sweet delicious taste of Furano melons, a special Hokkaido-grown fruit known for its high sugar content.

Tomita melon house
Welcome to the Tomita Melon House!

Getting to Furano from Sapporo

Getting to the Tomita Melon House can be a bit tricky as the bus and train schedules are limited and change depending on the time of year. During the peak of the lavender season, a special train stop (Lavender Farm Station) is opened. If you can, get off the train here and the Tomita Melon House is a 6-minute walk away.

JR Train in Furano, Hokkaido
Taking the train to Furano

If the Lavender Farm Station is not in service, you will have to make your way to Naka-Furano station. From Naka-Furano station, it is a 20-minute walk to the Melon House.

Walking to the Tomita Melon House
Walking from the train station to the Melon House

You can view the timetable for the Furano trains and the operation schedule of the Lavender Farm Station here.

If needed, there are lockers at Naka-Furano station. A small one costs ¥300 for 48 hours.

On the way to the Melon House from Naka-Furano Station, you will pass by the Choei Lavendar Farm. This is a small farm, but colorful rows of flowers and lavender are grown on an inclined slope. Take a ride on the lift for ¥400 or walk up the steps on the side. From the top, you have a wonderful view of all the colorful flowers plus the added backdrop of Hokkaido’s mountains.

Flowers at the Choei Lavendar Farm
Flowers at the Choei Lavendar Farm

Bees and crickets swarm around the flowers and create a lively buzzing atmosphere.

When I visited this area in early August, the lavender had already past its prime, but luckily it still had a wonderful smell. Be sure to check the lavender blooming schedule if you don’t want to miss out on the best bloom!

The Tomita Melon House

Tomita Melon House
Tomita Melon House main building

Coming from someone who “isn’t a melon person”, I was very impressed with the cantaloupe smoothie I ordered at the Tomita Melon House and surprised myself by thinking that maybe I’d like another.

Furano melon smoothie at the Tomita Melon House
Fresh melon smoothie!

Other than smoothies (which are hard to beat on a summer day), you can also try fresh melon slices, soft-serve ice cream, fancy layered parfaits, cakes, and more. The Terrace Cafe is located upstairs and serves fancy melon dessert and drink sets if you are looking for a real treat.

For something non-melon, you can also find curry, burgers, corn, pizza, and plate lunches. I got a side sausage for ¥380 and was shocked by how small it was. Definitely not worth it and better to stick to the melon goods in my opinion.

Furano melons for sale
Melons for sale

Other Activities Nearby

When you are done enjoying the different melon offerings, hop over next door to Farm Tomita! Here you can take in the beautiful field of flowers, and if you’re still hungry, try the lavender ice cream!

Choei Lavendar Farm is much smaller than Farm Tomita, but it is close to the Naka-Furano station and is worth the detour if you are nearby.

For dairy lovers and those who like hands-on experiences, make your own cheese, bread, butter, or ice cream at the Furano Cheese Factory.

Handmade mascarpone chese in Furano, Hokkaido
Handmade cheese at the Furano Cheese Factory

A bit out of the way, but worth the effort if you have the time is the famous Blue Pond and Shirogane Falls.

Hokkaido Blue Pond
Hokkaido Blue Pond

Whether you are looking to just enjoy the quiet countryside or check out the different flower farms, a visit to Furano should definitely be on your Hokkaido summer list!

Staying in Hokkaido

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